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Focus Business Development, Inc. | Richmond, VA

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One Day Sales Workshop

Our 1-Day Sales Workshop delivers a high-level overview of the core principles of the Sandler Selling System. A proven and unique, integrity based system that promotes a more effective and coachable sales process. 

Perfect Your Craft

Whether you're an Owner, Executive, Manager or Sales Representative of a company that sells technology, manufactured products, tangible products or intangible services - you will leave the sessions with the ability to handle buyer-seller interactions with better communication and ease in the sales process.

Are You, or Your People...

  • Frustrated with the lack of new business being closed?
  • Disappointed with the amount of sales appointments being set?
  • Tired of long-drawn out sales cycles that never seem to close?
  • Sick of having to sell on price to win the deal?
  • Concerned about doing too much free consulting?
  • Satisfied with sales results, but looking to hone your craft?

You'll Discover

  • A Systematic Approach to Selling
  • How to Take Charge of the Sales Process
  • How to Build Relationships With a Plan
  • How to Ask the Tough Questions to Qualify & Disqualify
  • The Sales Mindset & A Cookbook for Success
  • How To Close More In Less Time

New Dates Coming Soon