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Focus Business Development, Inc. | Richmond, VA

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Sales Foundations Training

A Sales Mastery Quick-Start Program

These are unprecedented and uncertain times for our country and economy. The way we sell, and conduct business is changing rapidly. Are you ready to learn, grow and change? Or will you risk being left behind, finding yourself comfortable for a world that no longer exists?

Since 1999, Focus Business Development powered by Sandler Training has assisted clients through a number of volatile economic times. History has proven that in challenging times, implementing the Behaviors, Attitudes, and Techniques we teach our clients allows them to stay in a growth mentality instead of slipping into a bunker mentality.

We’ve pivoted our Sandler Sales Foundations training program to a Hybrid format: Participants can attend in-person with limited seating or live virtually through Zoom! The program consists of one weekly - 2hr virtual training class delivered over five weeks.  

Sandler Training content is tremendously valuable in any environment, however specific attention will be given to strategies and techniques for selling virtually and on the telephone as this is the new reality for the foreseeable future.

Program Details

Class will be held on Thursdays from 11am-1pm at our Training Center. If you decide to attend virtually, the training will be delivered and recorded in a Zoom Meeting. All participants will be required to have their video on to ensure engagement. Also, virtual breakout rooms are utilized to give space for role-play and application discussions. At the conclusion of the program, each attendee will have the option to pursue on-going reinforcement training and coaching in Sales Mastery.  

Program Dates

October 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th, November 2nd

Program Outline

Session 1, Oct 5th:

• Expectations for the Training and Participant Objectives Why Have a System - Who is Leading the Dance
• Why Have a System - Who is Leading the Dance 
• Prospecting Behavior – 30 Second Commercial and Cookbook Activity  

Session 2, Oct 12th:

• Bonding & Rapport – Building Relationships with a Plan
• Up-Front Contracts - Managing Expectations, Setting Agendas 
• Pain – Identifying Reasons to Do Business 

Session 3, Oct 19th:

• Pain or Pleasure Application 
• Questioning Strategies – Being the Doctor of Sales 
• Budget – Identifying the Prospect’s Budget Expectations 

Session 4, Oct 26th:

• Questioning Practice 
• Decision – Identifying the Prospect’s Decision-Making Process
• Closing the Sale

Session 5, Nov 2nd:

• Behavior, Attitude and Technique 
• Putting it all together



Detail Overview

· Five – 2 Hour Training Sessions

· Two – 30 Minute Individual Coaching Sessions

· DISC Sales Behavioral Assessment

· 1-Year Access to SandlerOnline

o Foundations and Sales Resources – Your full year’s access to Sandler Online provides more than 2,000 hours of reinforcement video, as well as workbooks and exercises to increase your ability to execute.

Access is limited, if you are ready to enroll or have questions please fill out the form below and we will contact you to answer each other's questions to determine if this program is the right fit for you.

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