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Mike Carroll

In the corporate symphony, every role is crucial, but it's the conductor – the leadership – that truly sets the tempo and harmony. The significance of leadership in driving success cannot be overstated. It's a topic often discussed, yet frequently misunderstood. So, what are the main components of leadership, and how do they translate into tangible results for your team?

The moral: Don’t waste time, effort, and good will trying to “turn around” an objection that may not be an objection at all. Instead, use more effective questioning to get clarity on what’s really being said. Your commission numbers will improve.

Elements of Sales Success.

Understanding what causes buyer motivation. Emotion, it starts with the child ego state!

Are you suffering from premature presentation syndrome (PPS)??

Why people buy is deeply rooted in our egos and emotions...People buy emotionally, and make decisions intellectually.

In other words, the alignment of one's personal goals and professional goals is necessary for sustainable growth and success...

Are lawyers also salespeople? If you asked one of them directly, they’d likely scrunch up their face as if they’d just heard an awful verdict from the bench.