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Focus Business Development, Inc. | Richmond, VA

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No-Pressure Prospecting Boot Camp

Predictable prospecting results is not a myth - You can have a predictable, repeatable system that produces results!

Is Prospecting an Opportunity or an Aggravation?

Prospecting is the most important job ANY and EVERY salesperson has, yet it is the #1 dreaded task by most. WHY? Because they don't have a system or their system doesn't work. This session will help you or your people formulate successful prospecting strategies that will fill your pipeline, leverage technology and set better sales appointments. 

If you're like many salespeople, you may be...

  • Stressed out over prospecting and avoiding cold and warm calls.
  • Concerned about new business numbers and constantly feeding the funnel.
  • Worried about revenue plateau or shrinking market share.
  • Hiding behind social media to avoid prospecting.
  • Making the calls but not getting enough meetings with qualified prospects.

Learn How To...

  • Choose the right type of prospecting and the right type of prospects
  • Engage with gatekeepers and speak with more decision-makers
  • Overcome the fear of picking up the phone
  • Structure an effective, efficient prospecting call that results in more appointments
  • Learn email, social and voicemail messaging that generate action
  • Get MORE quality appointments and stop non-productive appointments

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