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Focus Business Development, Inc. | Richmond, VA

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Accelerated Leaders Program

How are You Developing the Leaders of Your Business? 

6-week session every Thursday starting March 28th Ι 9-10:30am


Who is the Program for?

Professionals that have the responsibility to lead, manage and coach people at any level or department within a company like: New and Emerging Leaders, Recently Promoted Top-Performers, Front-Line and Mid-Level Managers, Department Directors & Leaders, Supervisors, Foremen’s, Team Leads, Life-Long Learners, Successful Executives that want to get to the next level.

Do You Struggle with:

  • Aligning Teams Behavior with company goals and objectives?
  • High Turnover within departments?
  • Tired of top performers not working out in leadership positions?
  • Developing the future leaders of a company?
  • Leaders who don’t know how to coach effectively?
  • Time management and productivity?

Course Topics

  • Leadership Roles - Overview
  • Understanding Your People - Communication
  • Setting Goals
  • Accountability
  • Leadership Roles - Coaching
  • Maximizing Personal Performance - Time Management & Delegation
  • Staging Effective Meetings
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Detail Overview

  • Six 90 Minute Sessions - Virtually/In-Person
  • One 30 Minute Individual Coaching Session
  • DISC Behavioral Assessment
  • Harver Leadership Assessment
  • One year access to Sandler Online
    • Sandler Online Resources with over 2000 hours of reinforcement video, podcasts, workbooks & exercises to increase your ability to execute.

Access is limited, if you are ready to enroll or have questions please fill out the form below and we will contact you to answer each other's questions to determine if this program is the right fit for you.

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