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Focus Business Development, Inc. | Richmond, VA

Focus Business Development, Inc.

Central Virginia's Trusted Advisor for Sales, Management & Customer Service Development Since 1999

Mike Carroll - Owner & President

Before his 15 years as a Sandler Trainer, helping small/mid-size companies & corporations grow sales, Mike spent the first four years of his business career in frontline sales where he realized the many rewards of the sales profession as well as its many challenges.
In 1978 he was the architect, co-founder, President and CEO of MicroMagnetic, Inc., a company specializing in the distribution of computer related products. He grew the company from a two-person organization to over seventy team members with offices in Virginia, North Carolina, and Maryland until 1998 when the company was acquired.

Patrick Carroll - Director of Marketing

Before and during college he spent time on the front lines in various customer facing positions within the commercial landscaping, retail & entertainment industries. Patrick received his degree in Rhetoric & Communication at the University of Richmond and has a passion for the elements of communication, rhetoric, & psychology in business and selling scenarios. He is fascinated with sales & marketing alignment and how technology is transforming the business world and sales landscape. Patrick is a firm believer that (sales) success all boils down to the right attitude, the right behaviors & the right techniques.

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